Presenting exclusive 100% Burmese Gurjan Redberry Ply for first time in India!

Exclusive range of Redberry Products

Plywood (BWR/MR)

Redberry MR grade plywood is made of high quality plantation timber veneers and is amongst the best in the country.

Available under Economy Grade.
Conforms to IS:303 Standards.
Can be used for multiple furnishing applications.
Totally termite and borer resistant.

Marine Plywood

Redberry Marine plywood is certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards and if you are looking for genuine marine plywood, you reached the right destination .

100% Burmese Gurjan Marine Ply under Red Berry Platinum Grade
We offer Red Berry Club Grade Marine Ply which complies with IS:710 standard.
Can be used in centering, shuttering, construction & maintenance of marine boards, tanks carrying liquid chemicals and ship building industry.
Totally termite and borer resistant.

Film Face Plywood

Redberry Shuttering Ply is a strong, long lasting product which is strong enough to withstand the load of concrete and vibration created while pouring the concrete.

Complies with IS:4990 standard.
We offer high quality Film Face Ply for all your needs.
Can be used in factories and buildings, sewer construction, bridge construction, exterior and general shuttering work.
Totally termite and borer resistant.

Block Board

The uniqueness of Redberry Block Board is that it is manufactured with high density Pine wood batons which are uniform in dimensions and are individually treated in preservative

Conforms to IS:1659 standards.
We offer Top Notch Block Board for multiple uses.
Can be used in wide range of applications like Shutters, Cabinets and other interior applications.
Totally termite and borer resistant.

We offer 10 years guarantee for BWP CLUB PLY